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Propagating Workshop - On Line

Propagating Workshop - On Line

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This course is designed for the home gardener. Propagating is fun and easy the whole family can do it. You just have to decide what form of propagation best suits you. Some of you like to grow from seeds, some from cuttings, some from division it is up to you and the plant you are wanting to propagate. In this course I teach you all the different types of propagation and then you decide which is best for your situation.


Learn how to propagate your own plants from the comforts of your own home.  There is no better feeling than growing your own food. 


This On line course starts off with Module 1 which you will learn how to successfully grow your plants from Seed.  We give you tips as to why the seeds you sow may not germinate.

Module 2 goes on to teach you when to plant your little seedling in the ground or pots- best time and when its too early.  

Module 3 is the other forms of propagation - cuttings, division and a fun little presentation on fun types of propagation.

We have included PDF files so you can download and print out if you prefer, so you can keep for your continual use.  The presentation sections are PowerPoint slides where we talk you through all the steps of your propagation journey.

There will probably be times where nothing is going your way, but never give as the rewards are better than your failures.  This is also a great on line course where you can include your kids.


Course curriculum 

Module 1

History of propagation - PDF

Basic Botany - PDF

Seed Propagation – Presentation

Seed Propagation – PDF

Seed Germination and Sowing Times – PDF

Propagation Record Sheet


Module 2

Caring for your Seedlings – Presentation

Caring for your Seedlings – PDF

Functions of Flowering Plant Organs – PDF


Module 3

Types of Propagation – Presentation

Types of Propagation – PDF

Fun types of Propagation – Presentation

Fun types of Propagation - PDF

 Moto of this course - HAVE FUN, and NEVER GIVE UP.


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