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If you would like to make a booking with to see our Naturopath/Herbalist/Nutritionist click on Make a Booking 

You will be taken to our online booking service.  Here you can choose the type of appointment you are wanting.  Once you make a booking you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm we have received your booking.

You will also receive a reminder email 2 days before your appointment.  If you are unable to attend you can reschedule or cancel.  If you cancel your appointment less than two days before your appointment they may be a cancellation fee - see below for more details.

Trading hours: in Person (AWST)

Wednesday 9am - 3pm

Thursday - 9am - 3pm

Friday - 9am - 3pm

Trading Hours: On Line: (AWST)

Thursday 3pm - 5pm

Saturday 8am - 2pm


FEE: Our fee for initial consultations is $150 per hour, follow up consultations are $75 for 45 mins. What you get for this fee is not only our attention while you are with us, but we also do a bit of research outside of your consultation so we can provide you with the best possible protocol that suits you holistically. 

As an evidence based practice we are always researching for the latest information that can best help our clients.  We are also very traditional in our treatments where we have hundreds of books and articles on traditional Herbal Medicine that we are continually reading and researching for the best possible holistic approach to your healing. 


Cancellation policy
We know your time is valuable, please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 48 hours notice.

The first time you cancel your appointment in less than 48 hours we will make a note in your file and a fee will not be charged. All future cancellation that are less than 48 hours will incur a $50 cancellation fee.

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