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Formulate your own Herbal Tea Blends - Online

Formulate your own Herbal Tea Blends - Online

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Formulate your own herbal tea blend

You’ll learn how to combine and blend herbs to make a range of soothing herbal teas.

You will discover how safely and effectively blend teas and learn about flavour, balance and visual appeal of herbal blends. 

Tea has no sugar, no fat or sodium and the antioxidants in tea are celebrated for helping to neutralize free radicals.

What we will cover in this workshop is:

  • Brief overview of tea and tea blending
  • History of herbal teas
  • Herbs and their uses for each body system
  • How to dry and store your herbs
  • Learn the basics of choosing the perfect tea base.
  • Learn the health benefits of tea, herbs and spices
  • Understand flavours and combinations that work well in tea
  • How to formulate your own tea blends
  • Herbal Actions to help formulate your blend
  • Different ways to brew your herbs
  • Herbal tea recipes to try


Click this link to be transferred to our sister company to purchase this online course.  Once you have paid for your course you will be directed to our online School to start learning.


If  you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.



Herbal Naturopathic/Nutritional Appointments - in Person and On line

If you would like to have a more tailored approach to your health concerns you can book in to see our Herbal Naturopath. (you will be transferred to our sister companies online booking service) She will look at you as an individual and look into your specific needs through holistic and evidence-based approach to wellness.  Herbal Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treatment plans are designed to treat you as a whole person and not just your presenting symptoms.

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