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The Herbal medicine workshops are aimed at helping you become more familiar with the herbs and the way they integrate with your body. Some people prefer a more scientific based approach focused on plant constituents, others rely on the doctrine of signatures, some prefer observation and botany, other prefer traditional folk medicine, and so on….

I am a trained Herbalist and want to share my passion for herbs with everyone.  My approach in my clinical practice is more about the folk medicine aspect of herbalism, but I am also very passionate In researching the scientific approach to herbs as well – Science is finally catching up with the old ways of herbalism.

I feel that to know herbs more fully you need to experiment with them – SAFELY.  It is important to also realize the contraindications of herbs and the medications/supplements that you are also taking.  The workshops always have a mix of theory and practicetastings and at least one product to take away! Workshops are offered in a light and fun way as well as being packed with information, but in a way that is not too overwhelming and easy to integrate.

These workshops are about developing a relationship with the plants, to know which ones suits us; a plant that works for one person might not for another, it all depends on our own unique constitution for example: tendency to be hot/prone to inflammation, prone to fluid retention, to cold and so on are different for everyone. 

The holistic Herbal approach is based on the idea that herbs don’t only heal your body, they support it in doing what it already knows what to do.  Herbs will correct any imbalance that might have taken place in your body.  For an example: if you have a fever, this is your body’s way of cooking the invader to eliminate it, and certain herbs help support your body by building your immune system so the symptoms don’t last as long.

Every workshop is organised around a specific theme (respiratory system - cold & flu, nervous system - stress, Digestive -detox, etc…) where we will explore how to maintain the health of your body and how to support your body in its natural mechanism of balance.  You will learn which herbs and essential oils are best suited for each body symptom and condition. 

There will be a simple theoretical segment where we will explore some basics of physiology, as the more you understand how your body functions, the most efficiently you can keep it in a state of health. We will explore herbal actions (carminative, nervines, tonic, circulatory, etc...) and herbal constituents and energetics of a few herbs specific to the theme of the day. 

There will also be a practical aspect of each workshop where you will be manufacturing either 1 – 3 products that you get to take home and try.  You will also receive a copy of the lecture notes and recipe for all products that you make plus extra.

The days that I will be offering these workshops are on Sundays from 10am –  approx. 11.30am.  I will offer other days and times if the demand is there.  Workshops will be kept small with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6.

Workshops that we have to offer so far are:

Circulatory System - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 22nd January, 2023

Design your Own Herb Garden - 5th February, 2023

Winter Health - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 12th February, 2023

Herbal Tea Blending - 26th February, 2023

Skincare - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 12th March, 2023

Hair care - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 26th March, 2023

Improve your Digestive System - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 30th April, 2023

Women's Health - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 14th May, 2023

Men's Health - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 28th May, 2023

Stress and Sleep - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 11th June, 2023

Aches and Pain Relief - Using Herbs and Essential Oils - 25th June, 2023


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