Gift Cards

Are you struggling to find a gift to give a family member, a friend or colleague? 

Is there a special person that you would like to give the gift of healing to? 

Is there a special person that you know would benefit from one of our hands-on workshops?

Our gift vouchers are a perfect gift for everyone

Gift vouchers we have on offer;

Christmas Voucher

New Baby - Boy or Girl


Birthday - Green and Pink


Valentines Day

All Occasions

Once payment has been made you will receive an email where you click "View Gift Card" to retrieve your code.  You can then copy this code and pass on to the person who will receive the gift voucher or you can get a personalised gift voucher to send or print out instead.

If you are wanting a personalised gift card - see above - please email us with gift card voucher number, dollar value and the name of the person you would like to receive the gift card and we will fill out the form you have chosen and send a pdf back to you to email or print.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us