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Design your own Herb Garden

Design your own Herb Garden

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Did you ever want to walk out your back door and pick your Medicine?

Now is your chance!!!!

Our Master Herbalist is not only a very knowledgeable Herb freak, but she operated and run her own Organic Nursery where she propagated all the vegetables and herbs that she sold.

In this workshop you will be taught;

  • All the different Herb garden designs from (and not limited to) Butterfly attracting gardens, Fairy garden's, Aches and pain herb garden, medicine wheel designs and many more.,....
  • You will learn the best types of soils to grow your herb in
  • which herbs flower at different times of the year so you will have colour all year round
  • Which herbs to grow in season
  • best herbs to grow for any condition
  • and much more....

You will be given a template in the workshop to start designing your own Herb Garden.  You will be able to ask our Master Herbalist the best plants to plant that suits your back/front yard dynamics.

After attending this workshop you will be sent a voucher for a 10% discount to any of our Herbal Manufacturing classes so you can learn how to turn what you grow into your very own Herbal Apothecary.


Hands On Workshop

At each workshop we will be making from 1-2 herbal products.  I truly believe that the only way to learn how to make your own Herbal medicine is by making it yourself, so you will be taking home whatever herbal products we discuss in each specific workshop. 

All our workshops are held at our clinic at 6/75 Warburton Cres, Padbury on a Sunday from 10am to 11.30ish.  

Cancellation policy for workshops

If you are unable to attend any of our workshops you will receive a full refund if you cancel within 48 hours of each workshop.  Unfortunately if you cancel less than 48 hours before each workshop there will be no refund, but I will send you the class notes and any other notes that are handed out at the workshop.

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If you would like help with any health issues make an appointment to see our Master Herbalist