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Vegetables and Herb Garden designs are designed by our Sister company "Oak Tree Herbal Clinic".  Leesa, the owner, ran and owned an organic Nursery "The Greenhouse" for 15 years where she produced Certified Organic Vegetable seedlings, potted herbs and also produces a range of Organic Heirloom seeds.  When you click on the design you would like you will be redirected to their website to find out more and to book their services.

Not sure what type of Vegetable garden you are after?  Don't know what's in season?  How about having a Herb garden designed suited for your needs only.  

We do a variety of Vegetable and Herb gardens designed to suit you and your families needs.  We will come to your place, have a look at your space, ask for your ideas and then we come back with a design specific to your needs and wants.

Herb Garden Design

How would you like to walk through your garden and harvest your own Medicine, or walk out to your backyard and pick herbs for cooking?

At Oak Tree Herbal Clinic, with the help of our Herbalist/Naturopath Leesa can help make this happen.  We can design your own Medicinal Herb Garden that suits your needs, or we can design a Herb Culinary Garden to help for adding flavour to your cooking and salads.

We come to your place, sit down with you, and work out what type of Medicinal/Culinary Herb Garden you are wanting.  

To learn more and book an appointment click "Herb Garden Design" above.

Vegetable Garden Design

We can help design your own Organic Vegetable Garden.  We come to your place and talk to you about what it is you are after and how many people you need to grow for.  We will walk around your garden and make some suggestions of where is the best place to place your Organic Vegetable Garden.

We can point you in the right direction on where to get the best soil, garden beds, fertilizers and anything else you might need to get started.  We will also give you a list of the seasonal vegetables/herbs that you can chose from to put into your Vegetable garden.

o learn more and book an appointment click "Vegetable Garden Design" above.

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